• Aluminum frame fabriacted with aircraft grade alloy

• 50 watt solar panel charges battery storage

• 100 Ah Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Storage System - 5 modules of 20Ah each

• 26 lb thrust electric trolling motor drives kayak up to 8 knotts

• Allows for 8 hours of continuous use (at half throttle)

• 120V charging sytem as an optional component

• Modular bracket design allows for a flexible mounting system, fitting most kayaks

• Optional Sail Rig creates recreational platform by transforming unit into a sailing craft

The New Pod
We have invested in a high volume master pattern for creating molds for producing the pod onthe SPO•3. The design calls for a two-piece clamshell design with a bottom hull and a top cover.

Initally we are creating a mold for chopped fiber sprayed shells. Later, when batches go from 10 at a time to 50 at a time, we will migrate to vacuum forming mold process.