May 2017 - Allen Boat Company is finishing up the pod molds and then we will be pulling the first pieces off the mold. We are moving forward in assembling our first batch of ten.
January 2017 New entity created to produce and market the SPO•3 Solar Powered Outrigger
We are still seeking funding and financing in order to produce the first batch of 10 units. We established a corporate entity to engineer, produce, and market the SPO•3. Once the year really gets underway, we will ramp up efforts. Meanwhile, the fiberglas mold is being finished and we will be producing the pods soon. Stay Tuned!

New name


November 2016 Kickstarter Campaign doesn't reach goal

It was a valiant attempt to generate the funds neccessary for tooling costs but we are not out of options here.....Maybe this product isn't the best suited for a crowdfunding platform due to the fact it was difficult to reach a more general audience and potential backers.....But there may be opportunity in the near future.

October 2016 Kickstarter Campaign Launches

We have launched a Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of financing the tooling and raw materials for the first production run of 10 units.

Please check it out and support what can be a great addition to recreational watercraft.

Article in Buffalo Rising

We took the prototype out on the Niagra River recently to get videofootage for the Kickstarter campaign.

September 2016 Update:

The master pattern of the mold for the pod has been completed and goes off to the fiber glas shop.

August 2016 Update:

The master pattern of the mold for the pod is under development. The mold for the chopped glass fiber is on the way.

A Kickstarter capaign will commence in the coming weeks.

A lighter aluminum alloy makes the frame half the weight of the first prototype